Quality Control

To maintain the quality of our products, we use only selected grade of wood controlled by the Department of Forestry, the Indonesian government unit which takes care of forestry issues and monitors the quality of wood and the re-plantation. Our production is run by highly experienced and skilled people who put the wood dryness and its construction in the first priority, The standard wood dryness required is maximum 10-12% for mahogany and 15-20% maximum for Teak Wood. The spare parts for our machinery are made from the rustproof materials. We also control the design of our products to maintain uniformity in product shapes and sizes. The monitoring process commences from the choice of raw teak wood to be bought from the auction conducted by the Indonesian government, the cutting process into equal-size components, monitoring of wood dryness until the assembling process and fine finishing; all of which are done to ensure the quality of our products. The production time, from ordering until becoming finished product that is ready for packing, takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks We control our manufacturing process at every level – from choosing excellent timber, kiln drying to finishing process at our own factory.

Every piece product is manufactured to our high standard by skilled carpenters and each item is hand finished to guarantee quality performance in demanding markets.

We make sure that our manufacturing activities are complying and follow good environmental practices for the good of the local communities and our life.

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