When it comes, to the actual history of Joglos, or traditionnal Javanese houses, experts still ponder to determine the primary existence of these buildings. Most information gathered today, has been from word to mouth and passed on through generations. One hypothesis, states that Joglos could have been built, initially with stone materials, or at least partly. A lot still remains in the dark and many questions remain unanswered. Some experts, have proved that “Joglo” building techniques are directly inspired from their stone temple counterparts. Most certainly, temples from the pre-8th century area, have had an influence on later architecture. Therefore, some more typical design forms, must have existed… but also still remains a mystery. Allegations from the script of “Kuna”, dating from kingdom of Kediri, mention the homes of the Javanese, as being built from wood materials .Scripts from 11th century, also mention buildings from wood materials … As being a light material, easily shaped and readily available, it wouls have had a large advantages over stone and therefore, an obvious quality choice