We manufacture Prefabricated Wooden House knock-down system and have clients from all over the world. Most people who bought our Pefabricated Wooden House are hotel owners for their Bali Concept resort, cottages, and hotels in New Caledonia to France, but some people bought our Prefabricated Wooden House for their private residence, lakeside or beachfront.
Our Prefabricated Wooden House is custom made, simply let us know your budget and preferences and we can make it happen for you.
Some preferences that you should consider are as below:

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We can manufacture the Wooden House in any size, from 3×4 meters to 10×20 meters, simply let me know your needs.
We only offer 2 kinds of wood to manufacture your Bali wooden house, Bangkirai Wood or Merbau Wood. Bangkirai wood is cheaper than Merbau but only suitable for tropical climate countries, it will bend or crack in extreme weather i.e. United Arab Emirates or the Arctic, which Merbau wood can handle very well.
We offer 3 different types of roof, grass roof, wooden shingle roof or metal roof, let me know which one you like the most.
We can manufacture the Balinese Wooden House on a single wall or double wall. Double-wall will make the structure stronger and is more soundproof, but of course, more wood materials are needed which equals more cost. However, a single wall would be good enough, for better quality and if you have enough budget then we recommend double-wall.