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Corporate Social Responsibility

PT ART CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL remains committed to minimizing its environmental impacts across its supply chain and internal operations and has set a number of targets to achieve this.

PT ART CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL’s use of secondary materials option involves auditing the use of legal wood materials that come from regeneration forests or are sourced from reclaimed timber suppliers to our warehouses through Audit products are certified by SVLK as Indonesian Legal Wood. SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System), and implementing the European Union’s Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) due diligence. SVLK is the acronym of Indonesia’s national timber legality assurance system.

Our purchasing team makes every effort to engage with companies that are environmentally and socially responsible when sourcing and manufacturing products. Each supplier’s environmental policy must meet PT ART CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL’s Environmental and Ethical Standards before being approved as a supplier. This includes ensuring that the supplier implements policies regarding the improvement of their operations and production methods with regards to environmental impact.

PT ART CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL recycles fabric off-cuts to maximize efficiency, and ensure that its upholstery suppliers operate a recycling system within their production operations.

We have also tried to take part in the Scholarship Program which is one of the programs under the Quality Seeds program, which is established to jointly support the children of our employees and Orphans in one of the foundations. We promote the good relations between the company’s employee family members, to have the love and good connections, arising from communication between members. From younger to older students, those who are studying in kindergarten, primary or secondary schools, the support to this project comes from the extra income of the executives of our company. Those, who have worked over part-time projects to make an extra income, under the Innovative Projects. The main goal is to create happiness, and increase income of employees’ families, with the extra support of the company’s Human Resources Department. 2023 will already be 5th year, when we have brought extra income to share as the scholarship grant and we have also distributed it through the Foundation which handles the foster children program for Orphans and Children with special needs (disabilities).